Mary John Fine Jewelry is a small operation located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  

I make each and every item you find here in my home in North Carolina.  I create each piece with the hope that it will leave my hands as a new heirloom. 

My mother is a keeper of family treasures; she sees it as her duty to foster and preserve the antiques that were given to her, as well as her new loved finds, so that she may pass them along to another.  I can only hope that my works will gain stories and soak up the history of the wearer, so that they may be passed on to another keeper to be cared for and loved.

Please know... I use ethically sourced everything, purchasing my recycled golds (and other metals), diamonds, and gemstones from companies which are wholly committed to fair trade.  Rest assured that by purchasing any of my works, you are neither contributing to acts of violence nor unfair or unethical work conditions.

My husband, Casey, is our shipper, tech guy, and jack of all trades around here.  Mary John Fine Jewelry wouldn't exist without him! 

Artist and Goldsmith, Mary John Slaughter-Ventre